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ECA Elite is our club competitive squad. The world of competitive cheerleading is as challenging as it is rewarding and it is for this reason that we make this squad an invite / trial only team. This team is for ages 9-16 years and your child must have some cheerleading, dance or gymnastics experience. 

Cheerleading is highly competitive and by joining the Elite squad, your child will be trained to compete at a high standard against other teams across the country. They will gain some of the best experiences and memories by entering the world of competitive cheer, however they will be expected to train hard, show dedication to their sport and to become an integral part of the team. 

We have strict attendance policies for this team - this is a commitment for both parent and child and we ask that you thoroughly read our attendance policies, competition policies and rules. We suggest you ask any and as many questions as you feel fit before committing.


Competitions can be held locally in London or around the country; and as part of the Elite squad, your child will be expected to attend. Elite cheer also come with additional costs such as uniforms, travel costs,  hotel costs. We try where possible to compete as close to home to avoid additional costs, but this is not always possible and competition venues are not chosen by ECA. Similarly, there may be days for additional training which could include the odd Sunday and there will be choreography camps which may well be up to 6 hours worth of training. Both parent and child need to be able to commit to this. We will always give you a schedule in advance so you will know if / when this is happening. 

Competitive cheerleading is highly demanding, however it really is one of the most rewarding sports. Your child will have amazing experiences, learn incredible stunts, compete across the country, make new friends for life and learn key life skills such as trust, dedication, commitment, hard work and team work.

If you would like to read our information book on ECA Elite or have any further questions, please contact Coach Shomari directly via email or text.